Many of us are traveling this summer on vacations, getaways, staycations and road trips. While there are women who manage to keep up with their beauty routine even while trekking across Europe or camping in the wilderness — most of us can appreciate the simple solutions to keep ourselves looking and feeling presentable.

10 Natural Beauty Solutions

We curated natural beauty solutions used by beautiful women just like you around the world. Check out how Greek and Italian women keep their skin looking luminous, and what eggs can offer for your gorgeous locks. Simple and 100% natural, keep these beauty tips in mind as you enjoy the adventures of travel this summer.


Australia: Tea tree oil for dandruff.

Your scalp may get itchy and dry while out in the sun. To help heal the delicate skin, Australians use natural tea tree oil to moisturize. Just dab a few drops of oil onto your palm and gently rub it into the scalp. Using a few drops mixed in with your shampoo will go a long way in treating the scalp every time you wash.

Romania: Egg mask for shiny hair

Eggs contains tons of protein and vitamins – which is why we eat them. But those same nutrients can also do wonders for our locks. For normal hair, use both the yolk and the whites. For oily hair, try just the whites. And for dry hair, just the yolks.
Crack two eggs (1/2 cup) or use whatever part you choose. If using whole eggs, beat them together in a bowl. Apply egg mixture to your hair starting at the roots and working your way down. Leave in for 20 minutes and then rinse off and shampoo. Continue using the mask once per month to see more lasting results.

Colombia: Avocado for shiny hair.

Avocados are delicious beauty secrets of Latin American women.

10 Natural Beauty Solutions

In Colombia avocados are used to naturally moisturize and lock in the shine for gorgeous hair. Mix an avocado with a ripe banana and add a table spoon of olive oil. Smush together and work into a smooth paste. But the pasty mask into the roots of your hair and work down to the tips. Cover with a towel or shower cap and relax for half an hour. Towel off any excess before rinsing thoroughly in the shower. Shampoo and condition as usual. You’ll love the results!


Brazil: Oatmeal to heal a sunburn.

Oatmeal is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals our bodies need. So it’s really not a huge surprise that it is also good for our skin. The same nutrients we need to stay healthy on the inside, are just as effective when applied to the top of the skin. Oats help ease the pain of a sunburn while also speeding up the healing process. You can also soak in an oatmeal infused bath. Wrap a handful of oats in a gauze or cheese cloth and position it over the tap of your bathtub. The water will seep through the oats infusing it with nutrients. Enjoy!

**In Russia and Ukraine, sunburns are commonly treated with sour cream because it has an instant calming and soothing effect. Apply sour cream generously on burned skin and let dry … it’s best to sit or lay down until the nutrients have been absorbed.

Greece: Olive oil for healthy skin.

Greek women amplify their great skin with a simple beauty solution that’s been around for literally thousands of years. Olive oil.

10 Natural Beauty Solutions

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins it is all around the best beauty product to have at your disposal. Olive oil is a regular part of the Greek (and Italian) diet, but it’s also a staple to go natural moisturizer. Incorporate olive oil into your regular diet by including it in salads, grilled veggies and as a delicious alternative to butter with bread. And next time your arms or legs are feeling dry, dab a few drops and rub into the skin.


Russia: Oatmeal facial mask.

We’ve already established that oats are amazing at healing sunburned skin, but why not make it part of our regular routine. Russian women are particularly known for their oatmeal mask recipes. For a simple solution, soak two tablespoons of oats in warm water until they turn soft — about ten minutes. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix everything into a past and when cool enough apply to face in a think mask. The lemon juice contains natural bleaching properties, while the oats leave the skin looking vibrant and silky smooth. With minimum prep, this luxurious facial mask is easy and inexpensive!

Costa Rica: Shrink your pores with orange juice.

In Costa Rica, women are known to fresh orange juice to help skin the appearance of pores. It’s a short term solution for when your skin just needs a bit of a boost. Combine fresh squeezed orange juice in 50/50 mixture with water and use a cotton pad to swab it onto your face. Lay back and relax for a few minutes until your skin is dried. Rise off and notice how your pores will look much less obvious. Just make sure to rise thoroughly so you’re not sticky.

Chile: Crushed red grapes and flour for glowing skin.

In Chile, women use a potent mix crushed grapes and flour to keep their skin looking luminous. All you need is a handful of red grapes (green will work as well) and some regular flour. Crush grapes tother and mix in a tablespoon of flour to achieve pasty consistency. Apply it all over your face like a mask and leave on for ten minutes. Wash off with warm water. It’s also great fix for fatigued skin when you have just a few minutes to get ready!


Italy: Olive oil and vitamin A for stronger nails.

To keep cuticles looking nourished and nails strong, Italian women turn to olive oil. Pour a few teaspoons of olive oil and add a few drops of vitamin A into a shallow bowl. Soak your fingers for a few minutes to moisturize the cuticle bed, which in turn helps your nails grown strong. Repeat every couple of weeks to see less breakage after just a few treatments. You should also notice less peeling of skin around the cuticles.

France: No more nail stains.

French women treat unsightly stains of their nails with lemon juice.

10 Natural Beauty Solutions

Nails can sometimes take on a yellowish hue – especially after intense use of dark nail polish colors or bad quality products. The simplest solution is to soak your fingers in pure lemon juice for about ten minutes. Most of the stains should go away after just one treatment. Fast and easy! Just make sure you don’t have any finger injuries.

Let us know if you have a favorite beauty solution. We’d love to share it in our next post!

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