Summer is coming quicker than you can say: “Where’s my Sunblock?!” And no matter how much we try to avoid them, sunburn seem to be a summer staple. So what can you do when the sun’s kisses turn into a painful sunburn?

We’ve come up with 10 natural remedies for sunburn to cool and soothe your aching skin.

Each year, Americans spend hundreds of millions to ward of the sun’s rays. Thanks to an ever-increasing awareness of sun damage, solar protection has become of the fastest growing categories of skin care.

Hundreds of brands and manufacturers preach the benefits of exponentially increasing sun protective factors, sophisticated lotion, cream and spray formulations, and just about every after-sun accessory you can think of. The combination of mega-marketing and common consumer craziness has contributed to generating more than $5.5 billion U.S. dollars for the global sun care market.

Trouble is, despite all the precautions, millions of people still get sunburn. But many don’t know how to properly care for their skin. So what’s the best way to alleviate the that painful, burning sensation without adding more toxic chemicals to the mix?

Here are 10 natural remedies for sunburns that will leave you feeling instant relief.

  • Apply chilled yogurt or sour cream all over your body and let it absorb completely. The more burned your skin is, the faster it will absorb the proteins and help ease the initial sunburn discomfort.

  • For immediate relief, place a cool compress on your most burned body parts. Soak a towel or wash cloth in cold water mixed with a cup of cider vinegar to help restore the pH balance and promote healing.

  • Soak in an oatmeal bath to help sooth itchy sunburned skin. Add 2-3 cups of ground oatmeal to a tub filled with cool or lukewarm water and let the healing begin.

  • Baking soda will help ease redness and irritation. Sprinkle generously into cool bath water. After the bath, let it dry on your skin rather than toweling off.
  • Herbal tea bags soaked in cold water are the ultimate relief for sunburned eyelids, helping to reduce inflammation and puffiness under the eyes. Try this new “Dill Water” herbal tea.

  • Cucumbers have natural antioxidant properties that can help sooth peeling skin. Mash a couple chilled cucumbers in a food processor or blender and apply the paste all over the affected areas.

  • Avoid lotions and soaps because they can further dry out and irritate skin with a sunburn.
  • Drink plenty of cool fluids. Iced tea, chilled water or juice will help replenish the dehydrated skin and help jumpstart the healing process.
  • Apply the juice of a freshly cut aloe leaf for immediate relief and cooling effect. Aloe will also help naturally moisturize your burned and dehydrated skin.

  • To reduce inflammation and nourish your skin, use a natural antioxidant like vitamin E oil.

  • BONUS: For immediate burning sensation relief, and to prevent the formation of skin boils, try “Pantenol” spray. It’s natural moisturizing properties will also promote healing of sun damaged skin without toxic chemicals.