Traditional and all-natural dye recipes for Easter egg coloring are all the rage now. In line with Russian Orthodox Church customs, Holy Thursday (also known as Maundy Thursday) is considered the best day to decorate Easter eggs.  This week we’re introducing tried and true tips and tricks for all-natural Easter Egg dye recipes.

Tips for Prepping Easter Eggs

  • To ensure a smooth and even color distribution, wipe the egg shells with alcohol before boiling.
  • To prevent eggs from cracking during the cooking process, add a few tablespoons of salt the boiling water.
  • Rub colored eggs with a bit of vegetable or olive oil for a natural shine.
  • Instead of chemical dyes and opt for all-natural dye that’s vegetable or plant-based. See below for a color-guide and how to achieve desired results.

Traditional Recipes for Natural Easter Egg Coloring

1) Yellow onion skins are best for yellow colored eggs. The more onion skins you use, the deeper the color.

2)  Boiling raw eggs in a pot filled with water spinach will result in a beautiful green hue. The intensity of the green will depend on the concentration of leaves — for a richer green, use more spinach leaves. Use equal proportions of spinach and water for a for a more subtle, light green color.

3) Walnut shells will dye the eggs a light beige or brown color. Boiling eggs in coffee grinds will also do the tick.

4) Rubbing boiled eggs with red cabbage leaves will leave a beautiful blue tone.

5) Purple pansies are the perfect source of rich violet tint. Place the pansies into a large pot, cover with boiling water, add boiled eggs and let stand overnight for the eggs to absorb the color. Adding a bit of lemon to the mixture will yield a light lavender color.

6) Cranberry juice is ideal for a light pink hue. For optimal results, leave the eggs in the cranberry juice water overnight. Use beet juice for a deeper pink or magenta color.

Now that you know the basics, enjoy the process and experiment with your own recipes. Next week we’ll introduce simple techniques for creating designs. You can also check out our gorgeous collection of Faberge-style decorated Easter eggs for a perfect Pascha gift.

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