The term ‘Aromatherapy’ only started being used in the 1900’s, but the practice of burning oils has been around for millennial. It is believed that the idea to extract oils from wood was born when people noticed that burning certain types of wood gave out an alluring aroma. Later, oils started to be distilled from cypress, cedar and eucalyptus in order to be burnt for their scent. Clove and nutmeg oils were used to embalm dead bodies; rose oil – to relieve migraines.

The Chinese burnt oils to create a mood of harmony, balance and peace, which, of course, brings mental and psychological health. And Egyptians created their first distillation apparatus to allow extractions of oil from wood. On the other hand, Greeks, taking a great deal from the Egyptians, found burning oils and herbs to have medicinal properties.

In 1st century AD, a Greek physician and pharmacologist – Dioscorides – wrote about the healing power of such plant materials as essential oils in his De Materia Medica and then, for centuries, burning oils was used for healing and sickness prevention, including avoiding the Black Death, which killed millions of people in the 14th century. In the 20th century, oils started to be used to create chemical drugs, which consequently led to the creation of synthetic oils for aromatherapy.

At first, it seemed that synthetic oils held the same properties as organic ones, but after the hype quieted down, it was discovered that they were different on the molecular level, and not only were not therapeutic, but could potentially be harmful to our health, with such side effects as headaches, allergies, and skin and eye irritations. Today, many aromatherapy oils out there are still synthetic, though the general trend of the market is moving away from using synthesized materials.

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