Apple is for sure one of the most popular fruits, especially in Russia. It is difficult to surprise someone with an apple, because it can be found in every house like bread or butter. Of course, the most “apple” month of the year is September, and the most vivid and impressive culinary experiments with apples fall precisely in this period when the gardens are full of apples. But it is so nice to cook apple pies, drink hot tea with apple jam in the wintertime. It brings warmth and coziness and unites the whole family at the dining table.

Today we offer you to try to cook the simplest dish – oven baked apples. This simple recipe is actually fraught with all the huge variety of options. It can be cooked even with small children – they will be fascinated by the process of filling apples with different goodies. Besides, the preparation takes a minimum of time and effort.

Oven baked apples retain their useful properties. This dish is suitable for those who follow a strict diet, and can be a great snack for office workers. You can fill the apples with curd with different toppings such as chocolate or candied fruits, whipped cream, or just sprinkle sugar on top. Today we will cook a fragrant dessert with nuts, honey and cinnamon.







sugar powder


First, you need to remove the middle of the apple. Then fry walnut in a pan without oil, chop them finely. Cut prunes and mix them with nuts and honey. Fill the apples with this sticky mixture, sprinkle with a little cinnamon. Apples can be put on a baking sheet just like that or you can wrap each apple in foil. Preheat the oven to 350 F (180 C0) and bake the apples for 20-30 minutes. Readiness of apples is determined by their softness.

Bon appétit!