Basturma is a traditional Georgian kebab. Delicious meat is served with table wine and much of green.

Basturma (Azeri. Basdırma, arm. Բաստուրմա, tour. Pastırma) – dried fillet of beef, a dish in the kitchens of the countries located in the territory of the former Ottoman Empire.
Fresh salted cutting, then put under pressure (rubbed with salt), to remove excess moisture and giving a form suitable for cutting.
Then the shift in the mix of garlic, ground seeds of red and black pepper, as well as blue fenugreek (Chaman) having the consistency of the batter.
The resulting pieces hang to dry.
Not to be confused with pastrami – smoked marinated meat.


Total technology – maintaining under pressure.

  • 1 kg beef.
  • 3 ea onion.
  • 30 g wine vinegar.
  • 150 g bouquet garni.
  • Salt.


  • Basturma is a traditional Georgian kebab.
    First you need to cook the tenderloin – cut off from it all the films.
    Then pour coarse salt at the rate of 60-70g of salt per kilogram of meat.
    Remove the meat in a pot, cover with foil and send in the refrigerator for three days.
    During these three days would be good to one to two times a day (eg morning and evening), pull the meat, flip to the other side – to evenly prosalivalos.
  • After this time, the meat should be removed and put macerate for three hours (room temperature water). The rule is simple – solilos three days – three o’clock soaked. The fact that salt unequally penetrates into the center piece and at the end of the outer layers salting salt concentration is three times higher than in the center piece. Soaking in water leaches the salt solution from the surface layers of meat and therefore the further processing alignment salt concentration by volume of the piece (EQ) is much faster. During soaking the meat will not only lose excess salt, but we pick up unwanted water. Therefore: soaked piece of meat should be laid on a paper towel.
    Cover with another towel.
  • Then put the board and oppression. And leave for an hour or so two or three – depending on the size of the piece. The piece is, the more will the water, the longer it will have to squeeze.
    When all the excess water squeezed and towels are almost dry the next stage.
    We should hang it in a dry place away from direct sunlight and protected from flies – for sbereganiya the flies can hide a piece of gauze.
  • Podvyalivaniya process lasts two or three days. During this time, the concentration of salt in meat finally aligned on the entire volume of the piece.
  • There remains the last stage – smear basturma spicy paste and leave it vyalitsya until tender. Mix spices (if necessary cut them). Fill with boiling water and stir the mixture – it is necessary to obtain the consistency of mayonnaise. When spices and steamed swell – all the flavors in the pasta mix, and Chaman allocate mucus due to which the pasta and get a sticky consistency. Daubed basturma this paste. Do better in two stages. At first, as it will smear.
  • Then wait when the first layer is dry and then apply a second coat – which is already diligently razravnyat.
  • In this whole process of cooking is complete – we can only hang basturma vyalitsya. Again, it is necessary to cover it with gauze from the flies, and it is advisable not to expose to direct sunlight (otherwise will dry unevenly).
  • Check readiness is very simple – Feel your basturma – when she will have the same elasticity as a jerked sausage.