Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or believe in a religion that is a bit less mainstream, Christmas in the US has passed from being strictly a religious holiday to being a time when people enjoy their time away from the office and spend it with friends and family. Many of us don’t go to church on Christmas Eve or say a prayer at the holiday table, but we still enjoy the festive mood, the food, and the wonderfully decorated Christmas tree that takes the most honorable place in our house for several days or weeks. And most important of all – we all believe in Christmas miracles!

Though we hope that you have gotten all your Christmas shopping done in time, there are still a few hours left before all stores close and shop clerks rush home to prepare for the feast. So if there is something you forgot, hurry to the nearest supermarket or mall, as this is your last chance! If you forgot to get a present for someone remember – better late than never! We can help you make it up to that one (or two) person, just check out our Christmas gift section. The gifts we offer can be great for anyone, whether it’s your loved one or a colleague in the office. And the best thing is that they can all be delivered to your door in just a few days.

To get out of a bad situation, when someone gives you a present and you have nothing for them, you can simply say that this year you decided to give all your presents for New Year’s – many cultures, including Russian, do just that. You can tell that person that it’s a new trend and you are simply trying to be ‘In’. This way you will have a week before December 31st and can easily stock up on presents. Will they believe you? We can’t promise that, but we can say that they will forget all about the situation when you present them with something original on New Year’s Eve. Candy, jewelry and jewelry boxes can all be great last minute gifts.

A man once said that to stop believing in miracles is the same as to stop believing in love and humanity, so whether it’s snowing outside your window, desert winds are blowing through your back yard, or palm trees are ruffling in the wind, please remember that miracles do happen, though they often go unnoticed. This holiday season we wish that you and your loved ones notice even the smallest miracle. May you have a very Merry Christmas!