The many different types of popular and beloved works of art include:

Throughout history every culture have lived their lives and expressed their experiences through art. The Russian people are no exception. Their art embodies the values and rich traditions of their country. The more you know and understand Russian folk art, the more you become knowledgeable of their everyday lives, struggles and triumphs.

  • Russian lacquer
  • Wood carvings
  • Matryoshka dolls
  • Collectible dolls
  • Handcrafted wooden toys
  • Kovrov clay heart
  • Khokhloma
  • Painted boxes
  • Russian toys

The more you come to understand the handiwork of the many artists over the course of history; you begin to realize the rich culture that goes into every piece of work.

Nesting dolls or Matryoshka dolls

Only invented a little over a century ago, these Russian Dolls and other wooden toys are still the most beloved and sought out after. Each set conveys the period of time they were crafted. Artists have depicted many themes to amuse little children as well as inspire the collector of these fine works. We carry a variety of different themes that are traditional and beautiful to have displayed around the house for everyone to see.


This art is named after the village in the forest of the Volga region. All the artists would come together in this area at the yearly trade fairs to sell their works. This included all works of wood that go back as far as 300 years ago. The complex designs and diversity of styles have also made this type of art a favorite among the Russian people as well as others throughout the world.
What is most interesting about this style is that you can own extremely beautiful works that are also functional. We have boxes, spoons and bowls that can be showcased in your kitchen and also used on a daily basis for both cold and hot foods. In addition, clocks and jewelry boxes are available that will only increase the richness of Russia in your home.

Faberge Style Eggs

Another favorite of traditional Russian artwork is the Faberge egg. This art originates more from loyalty than the common people. It’s included, because it really does depict folk art of the imperial family of Russia. The name comes from the famous jeweler Karl Faberge. We have many designs and styles to choose from. The elegance and beauty of these eggs will only add to the decor of any room.

In summary, Russian folk art is beautiful and has captivated many people throughout the world. Having this type of art in your home will remind you and your family of Russian history, the beauty and elegance to your home or anywhere you decide to display this art.