We are right in the middle of the holiday season – Thanksgiving has passed and all of us are in the middle of the great hustle and bustle of figuring out where to spend Christmas and New Year’s, buying gifts, and working out the holiday table. It is easy to get carried away during this time: buy too many presents and, of course, eating too much. Most of us tend to forget those ‘diet’ resolutions we made last New Year’s Eve right before the end of the year. After all, first there is turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving, then there is ham and mashed potatoes for Christmas, and by the time New Year’s rolls around, we can barely look at food or ourselves.
There is good news! This year you don’t have to torture your body while still enjoying all the gastronomical wonders of the season. Have you ever heard of enzymes? Enzymes are responsible for chemical interconversions in our bodies and help speed up metabolism. While our body produces crucial enzymes naturally, when we overeat, it ‘stalls’ and can’t support healthy digestive process. Another crucial factor in today’s diets is that cooked and refrigerated foods are depleted of natural enzymes and we, in general, do not receive enough of this hidden ‘health gem’. The result is a faster aging process, obesity and accumulation of dangerous toxins, which can result in feeling tired, irregularity, and sickness.
When you consume supplemental enzymes, they help your body digest food and produce energy. The great thing about enzymes is that they do not alter the natural processes of your body, so there is no fear that if you stop taking them after a certain period of time your body will not be able to support itself. When looking for a right supplement, pay attention to its formula.

According to research, the following are great enzyme formulas to help you stay healthy while enjoying your favorite foods:

  • Protease and papain to help digest proteins
  • Amylase to assist with the breakdown of starches
  • Lipase to help digest fats and oils
  • Cellulase to help break down the cell wall of fruits and vegetables
  • Phytase to help digest grains such as wheat (thus freeing their mineral content)
  • Xylanase to help digest the cell wall material in vegetarian foods
  • Invertase to help the body break down sugar
  • Pectinase to help break down the cell wall of fruits such as oranges and apples

Our great news today is that we offer a wide variety of enzyme supplements that can be delivered to your door within days and help you ‘deal’ with this holiday season’s abundance of food. For example, Mezim, which is a cheap solution that can ensure you are feeling great, no matter how many turkeys, legs of lamb, or pieces of ham you’ve eaten.
Smekta can be really helpful if you forgot about the enzymes, ate too much and are now in pain. Pankreatin and Hilak Forte are other viable options to fix you up and get you running to the next table for second servings.
We hope you stay healthy this holiday season, and please, don’t take this article as a medical advice; we do not have any doctors on staff as we are just an online store that tries to make your life easier and pleasant. If you have medical questions or concerns, contact your physician.