Galushki From Veal are a Ukrainian traditional dish. Galushki From Veal can be made from small pieces of dough or mincemeat.

Dumplings (Ukr. Dumplings Slovak. Halušky, Ingush. Hal Tamas, Chechen. Galnash) – a dish of Eastern European (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine), and partly the North Caucasus (Chechnya, Ingushetia, Balkaria) cuisine, which is a cooked in boiling water test pieces. Ukrainian dumplings are served as a separate dish (with butter or sour cream) and cook the soup with dumplings. In Ingushetia, there are two kinds of dumplings – Jour-haltamash (chech. Ahar galnash) (corn flour) and hor-haltamash (from wheat flour). Both species are necessarily served as a side dish with cheremshovym or garlic sauce to the meat. In the Chechen, Ingush and Balkar kitchens often cook boiled meat with dumplings. Less prepared baked, grilled meat or meat on the coals. In all kinds of meat dumplings with sauce added.
There is also a variation thereof (as a separate dish) called “lazy pierogi” – usually served with a sweet sauce (sweetened condensed milk with melted butter).

Ingredients for preparation Galushki From Veal:

They are served with sour cream or different sauces.

  • 500 g veal.
  • 100 g butter.
  • 1 ea egg.
  • 100 g white bread.
  • Green parsley.
  • Salt.


  • Whip butter, add an egg, grated white bread, finely chopped and knead thoroughly.
  • Shape small balls and cook in boiling salted water. Serve dumplings with sour cream and various sauces.