Gomi is dense, pastry dish made from corn and wheat flour. (without salt or spices). It is served hot instead of bread to spicy dishes. Gomi – highlight of the program the main character of today’s topic. Gomi, she hominy – Georgian porridge-like dish with cheese (often – suluguni, although you can take any: suluguni smoked, Imereti or any other brine). In my family Gomi cook without waiting for any prazdnikov.

Ingredients for preparation Gomi

Syr vegetables and wine, like that’s just getting a delicious and hearty meal.

  • 150 g wheat flour.
  • 50 g corn flour.
  • 1/2 l water.


  • Pour cold water to cover 2/3 of the height kotla.Nakryvaem and put to boil on medium ogon.Horosho boiled rump – the time from 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  • When the cereal is thoroughly cooked, it remains zhidkoy.Teper muki.Podsypaem it came the turn portions (a glass) .Delat it should be fast, intense interfering it.
  • For cooking Gomi use a special wooden spatula…
  • Flour will leave less than krupy.Ne say how much specifically in your case require glasses of flour, everyone should be able to determine the density of Gomi.
  • The main thing – do not pour directly: .dayte boil flour, 15-20 minutes … Then, pour snova.Varite – stir and if necessary – to pour.
  • The complexity of cooking Gomi is only one – you need to exert physical force and constantly interfere with (very tired hands of the habit, but with the experience that you do not notice).

So, how do you determine readiness?

  • Plug the wooden spatula in Gomi, it should not fall, it remains in the same position.
  • At the edge of the boiler is formed so that’s crisp.