Gourmet Halloween candy are rising in popularity. More parents are opting for tastier versions of sweets this Halloween, including sugar-free options and imported candies from around the world.

Going beyond the traditional Hershey and Nestle varieties, gourmet Halloween candy best sellers in recent years include sweet delights from Europe, Russia and Ukraine. That’s right, there are lots of delicious candies manufactured in Russia and other former Soviet countries. In fact, Russia has had a thriving candy making industry for nearly 150 years.

History of Russian Candy

The iconic red brick building of Red October Chocolate Factory (Krasny Oktyabr) started as a small operation back in 1851 when German immigrant Teodor Ferdinand von Dinem arrived in Moscow in hopes of making a fresh start.

After opening a small confectionary shop in the city’s central Teatralnaya Square, von Einem partnered with fellow German Julius Heuss to rent a production facility not far from the Moscow River. By 1913 the factory had grown into a bonafide confectionary empire, supplying chocolates and other sweets to the Czar and his royal family. Today, Red October produces exquisite chocolates that have left a considerable impression on candy connoisseurs.

Candy Grilyazh in Chocolate, 0.5lb / 0.22kg
Roshen Korovka, 0.5lb / 0.22kg
Caramel Crawfish Tail Red October, 0.5lb / 0.22kg

Popular Russian Candy

So what is some of the most popular Russian candy? There are the iconic “Alyonka” chocolates which is the Russian equivalent of a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Traditional “Korovka” is a buttery, soft-chew caramel delight. Decadent chocolate “Grillyazh” includes nut clusters drenched in premium chocolate. “Bird Milk” is a classic soft marshmallow glazed in chocolate. Wafer candies layered with chocolate are known as “Belochka” have a slight crunch.

And then there are the hard caramel candies varieties like the classic “Kis-Kis” or “Crawfish Tail”, and the fruit flavored caramels with strawberry and cream, raspberry, or cherry filling.

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Halloween Fun Facts

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