Two girl-friends are sitting bored at home and decide to dye one’s hair. To anyone, the idea would sound absurd, considering none of them have ever dyed hair at home before. The one that decides to ‘experiment’, let’s call her A., is a fake blond, so it makes sense to continue with that color. They go to a store, purchase the dye, come home and awkwardly go on with the coloring procedure, trying to remember what it looks like when a professional is doing it (you really don’t pay THAT much attention). Forty five minutes later, the dye is on the hair and they spend another fifty minutes talking and waiting for the time to see how beautiful it looks.
After A. washes her hair, she, naturally, wraps it in a towel without looking. The anticipation is rising and just a minute later the towel is off and what comes from under it is a mix of orange, yellow, white and, strangely, green hair. Mixed in with the colors are spots of A’s natural hair – where it was not covered with the dye properly. At the moment, she reminds of a cross between Stephen King’s “It” clown and Doc from “Back to The Future”. It appears that something went wrong in the ‘experiment’.

It’s midnight and two things come to A’s mind: “Why is there no emergency 24 hour on-call hair service?” and “Something needs to be done so that the hair doesn’t fall out”. Well, the sad fact is that there is no 24 hour emergency hair service in her city and the only logical thing that pops into the two friends’ minds is to go back to the store, buy a different color hair dye, and re-dye A’s hair into dark brown. People do have to work, and going to work with hair that is all shades of yellow with green and brown mixed into it is simply impossible.

The process repeats with a bit more certainty and the result is something that looks like a bear in spring, when it’s shedding. Not because A’s hair has fallen out – that hasn’t yet happened. It looks like a shedding bear because the colors are different shades of brown, ash, and … green again! Some yellow comes through as well, but it isn’t very noticeable compared to the overall picture. By this time, her hair looks like a broom – one really shouldn’t dye her hair twice within 3 hours.

A’s original thought becomes much more relevant – something needs to be done to prevent her hair from falling out. By now it is very obvious that the next day she will have to make an emergency trip to a hairdresser, who can attempt to make her color look like that of a human, not a psychotic killer clown or a shedding bear. That means a third dye (possibly even forth) in less than 24 hours. It seems that only super glue can help.

In the end, she goes to a hairdresser, pays a lot of money and spends a lot of time on becoming a brunette, because trying to be a blond again would mean going bald.

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