Hunting Dish. Delicious tender slices of wild meat will introduce you to the table of Russian landlords. The smell of juniper will fill your home with extraordinary feelings.

Game – wild birds and mammals, extracted hunting for food consumed in meat, as well as furs, hides, fluff, horns, etc., going on sale. Hunting small game is also a sport.
Game species are different in different regions of the world. At this affects the climate, the habitat of animals and local tastes.
Depending on the species of the animal changes the energy and nutritional value of meat. Just change a set of spices for cooking, vegetables and game garnir.V composition includes B vitamins, vitamin A, H, E, PP, as well as minerals such as copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus , sulfur, chromium, nickel and others.
Useful properties of game: Game – a low-calorie, so it can be used for people who are watching their figures. A major advantage of the game is that it does not contain harmful substances and, in general, due to vitamin and mineral supplements, meat has beneficial effects on the human body as a whole.
Game in cooking: Game can be prepared as well as conventional poultry. Her fried, boiled, stewed (kalorizator). Prepared from her fries, soups and many other dishes, and combined with different pastas, spices, potatoes, vegetables, and is used as a filling for pastries.


The smell of juniper will fill your home with extraordinary feelings.

  • 500 g wild game.
  • 3 ea onion.
  • 100 g fat.
  • 300 g mushrooms.
  • 3 ea carrots.
  • 500 g potatoes.
  • Salt.
  • Juniper berries.


  • Slice meat and fry in fat until half done.
  • Add diced onion and finely chopped mushrooms.
  • Stew and add some water if needed.
  • Add spices and julienned carrots and potatoes and keep on stewing until vegetables are soft to bite.