Besides nesting dolls, shawls are another part of Russian culture that really stands out. Throughout history, this piece of Russian clothing has continually been an essential part of most wardrobes of Russian women. They have been around for well over 200 years and the appeal and popularity of shawls continues to grow.

The maker of the most popular shawl has to be Pavlovo Posad Shawl. The Posad factory, that’s located just outside of Moscow, is still alive and well. They are continually coming up with new designs and colors that keep amazing all that wear them. All of their shawls are made to be very large and also warm. However, they have branched off and manufactured silk versions for summertime that are much lighter. Even though the Russian shawls are factory made with automated machines in today’s day and age, they do hand tie all of the fringes. This continues to give each shawl the personal handmade feel.

The Pavlovo Posad brand continues to be the top shawl on the market in Russia and throughout the world. Interestingly, even with automation, each shawl takes roughly 2 hours to finish. The Posad continues to be the top prize winner at major trade fairs throughout the world.

It’s truly amazing the many designs and color combinations that have been produce over the years. Because of this, most women have many different shawls to wear from day to day and also on special occasions. They are so versatile that they can be worn over the shoulder, around the waist as well on the head.
Besides the design and creative colors, they are so comfortable. The traditional shawl is weaved of fine wool and the summer variety has been crafted with soft silk. This combination makes them such a popular item to wear all the time.

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To conclude, if you want a shawl, the Posad variety is the one you want to purchase. The quality, beauty and comfort of every single one of these pieces of clothing cannot be duplicated. Improve your wardrobe and have your friends and family impressed by what you wear.