Everybody has at least one memory of sitting around the table and enjoying great conversation and wonderfully tasting food. They always seem two go hand in hand. It’s probably what makes the holiday season so exciting. The anticipation of sampling all the excellent foods and reliving great memories as well as making new ones.

Russian food is often misunderstood and understandably by other people and cultures.

It’s very authentic and distinct, although most ingredients in most Russian dishes aren’t anything out of the usual. It is probably how all these ingredients are combined in a fashion that truly brings out the best tastes and enjoyment.

What are some of the favored meals that are prepared in this culture? Some favorites that come to mind are blini, borsch, salads and pelmeni.

Some other favorite foods for the holidays include:

  • Salat – This is a Russian salad that’s put together using bologna, eggs, pickles, lettuce, onions and is topped with mayonnaise and garnished with hard boiled eggs.
  • Pryanik – This is a gingerbread cake that’s very sweet and delicious.
  • Sharlotka – A very popular holiday dessert. It’s a delicious apple cake.
  • Kutya – A porridge that is sweet and served alongside with vegetable and potato salad.
  • Sbiten – A yummy traditional Russian beverage that’s made from cinnamon, honey and selected fruit jams to give it a great mouth watering taste. Serving it piping hot makes it even better.

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