In 1949 the International Women’s Congress in Paris established International Children’s Day in honor of the recognition and protection of children’s rights. Since then, many countries in Europe, including Russia, have been celebrating this day annually on June 1.

Under international law, children have all the rights of a person and, additionally, a right of protection and care. The main role in protection and care of a child certainly belongs to the parents who are responsible for their children–not just once a year but every day, every hour and every minute. The first and the most important parent’s responsibility is to ensure that their children are well nourished, healthy and safe. This is what I’d like to talk about today.

Children’s nutrition should contain enough calories for an active life, it should include all essential macro- and micronutrients for the proper development of the body and should not contain potential hazards. There are also limitations on the use of certain foods depending on the age of a child. For example, children under 1 year old should not be given cow’s milk, as they do not have the appropriate enzyme to digest it. Honey can also be harmful to a child who is under 1 year old since this product often contains spores of bacteria that cause botulism. There are special commercial food products for small children that are developed based on current scientific knowledge about a child’s body and are carefully monitored for quality and safety by the health authorities. Russia has always been known for its high quality food. This statement can be justly applied to Russian baby food products, which contain only natural and organic ingredients. You can find a large selection of these products in the online supermarket

Children also should not receive excessive amounts of calories from food as this can lead to obesity and expose the child to a greater risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the future. However, we all know that children love candies which are the main source of simple carbohydrates causing obesity. In addition, eating candies creates ideal conditions in the mouth for harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. How can you protect your children from these dangers without depriving them of a pleasure at the same time? Let him/her have a chocolate egg with a toy inside . Chocolate is not just a delight but very beneficial as it contains good substances for the brain and antioxidants that protect body cells from damage. Chocolate eggs are made of a thin layer of chocolate, so there is no fear of excess carbohydrates, and besides, the child will immediately turn his/her attention to the toy.

Hygiene is also extremely important for children’s health. Maintaining the cleanliness of their hands, mouth and body from a very early age helps them to avoid many diseases (viral, intestinal and skin infections) and lays the foundation to the future hygiene habits. However, children need special hygiene products, which clean their delicate skin gently and don’t contain harmful substances.

It would take a long time to list all the parental responsibilities for child protection but I am limited by the scope of this blog dedicated to Russian food. Make International Children’s Day a day of greater attention to your children. Pamper them with a delicious meal, treat the small ones with a new toys, show your interest to what the older ones like, and you’ll make it a great holiday for your family!