Some 20 years ago International Women’s Day held on March 8 was impossible to imagine without men carrying a sprig of mimosa, a bouquet of tulips and some famous brand cake. But today, these traditions remain a thing of the past. Nowadays it is fashionable to give peonies and cupcakes with fresh berries. And the centerpiece of the festive table will certainly be a dietary salad with yogurt dressing. But if you decide to please yourself or your loved ones with warm memories and present a beautiful, hearty dish on the festive table, we suggest you consider cooking Mimosa salad.

This salad was an ornament of any feast. Mimosa salad is on a par with Herring under a fur coat, Olivier salad and other traditional dishes of Russian cuisine. Also, it is an excellent example of folk culinary creativity. The ingredients of this dish are simple. Now it is impossible to find the right recipe, so it differs in every family.

According to the common formula the main components of the salad are:

–          fish, and most recipes use canned fish. Let us presume that such a choice was made in favor of economy and because of poor choice. If you replace canned fish with smoked fish, the dish will only win. The fish is better to be moderately fat, moderately salty and free from bones.

–          onion. The shallot is best suited, but it is better to replace it with fresh chives and use only the white part.

–          eggs. It is best to use farm eggs with bright orange yolks so that salad looks bright like spring itself.

–          many recipes include cheese and apples – these are the products that will never spoil the salad.


  • 3 eggs
  • 7.06 oz (200 g) smoked fish
  • 2 potatoes
  • chives
  • 1 sweet sour apple
  • 1.77 oz (50 g) mayonnaise


Boil the potatoes, peel them and grate. Boil the egg, separate egg whites from egg yolk. Chop the whites finely, and crush the yolks with a fork. Cut the white part of chives. If you use shallot, chop it and pour some hot over it to remove extra strong flavor. Remove bones from the fish and cut it finely.

Lay half of the potatoes into the form, then add a layer of fish, onions and mayonnaise. Follow with a layer of egg whites, potatoes, fish, grated apple and cover with mayonnaise. Decorate with egg yolks.

Bon appetite!