One of the most characteristic features of the Belarusian national cuisine is the wide use of potatoes, which is called the second bread. It is rare to meet a dish in which potatoes have not been used in one form or another. From potatoes to prepare their own meals, and is used as a garnish. Everyday dishes are boiled potatoes, potato porridge or komoviki. Particularly fond of the traditional Belarusian potato pancakes (potato pancakes). Because potatoes are prepared as pies with different stuffing, potato pancakes, etc. Potatoes – an indispensable component of a wide variety of salads. He often served with another favorite product – mushrooms.

Mushroom Soup With Ushki.

Ingredients for preparing Mushroom Soup With Ushki:

Ushki are small boiled pastries with mushroom filling served with thick soup.


  • 100 g onion.
  • 100 g mushrooms dried.
  • 200 g flour.
  • 50 g oil.


  • 20 g vinegar (3%).
  • salt.
  • 50 g flour.


  • Boil dried mushrooms, then take them out and set aside.
  • Dress mushroom water with flour so that there are no lumps.
  • Combine mushrooms with fried chopped onion.
  • Knead unleavened dough and roll it out finely.
  • Make rounds with a saucer, put mushroom filling in the center and pinch the edges.
  • Fry in oil.
  • Then put on a plate and pour over soup.