Cod is a popular white fish that has a smooth, buttery texture and mild flavor. It’s super versatile and can be baked, seared and fried. In Russian cuisine, pan friend cod is the easiest and the tastiest way to prepare the fish.

Rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids and lean proteins, pan fried cod is a great vegetarian option for your Thanksgiving feast.

Of course, turkey is the traditional main dish during Thanksgiving, fish dishes are quickly becoming popular alternatives. And while there are lots of fish options — salmon, sole, tilapia, and many others — cod is the meatiest tastiest of them all.

If you’re ready to go cold turkey (pun intended!) in not serving the bird, consider adding pan fried cod to the holiday table.

What about sides?

Pan fried cod pairs well with many sides. French fries often accompanies cod and is popularly known as “fish and chips” — although in the traditional British version the cod is deep fried. In Russia, mashed potatoes or rice are the most common side dishes. The simplicity of the side highlights the natural flavors of the fish without overpowering it.

For a healthier alternative, try it with buckwheat or roasted vegetables.

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