The art of dish serving and decorating is addressed, first of all, to the man imagination and in order to make it most attractive and palatable.

The skill to make the dish beautiful is a part of culinary science. There are some simple rules that will help your masterpieces to make the impression on the quests.

1. Usable products

To make different decorations, you can use fresh and ready to eat vegetables. Some vegetables are not cooked specially, as they lose the colors, necessary for the attractiveness. For example, fresh potatoes and turnips are the best to make the compositions of the white color and beet – for red flowers. Lettuce leaves, mint, greens, leek, cucumbers and paprika are great for the “leaves and stems” for the culinary bouquet. And lemons, oranges, melons, watermelons or avocado turn into different baskets, boats and ships.

2. Right combination

The principal rule is that the dish and its decoration should supplement and harmonize with each other. For example, potato mushrooms or flowers are complementary with meat dishes or lemon rise will beautify seafood dishes. If you need dyestuffs, choose organic food ones. To color, it is good to use saffron, paprika, karri, beet juice, tomato paste, and mayonnaise. The green color can be attained by adding finely chopped green to the dish.

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3. Simple, but tasteful

For the best impression, there is no need in large quantity of ornaments. Some dishes look much brighter in their natural way, that is why it is not worth to overload them with excessive decorating. To make the dishes more effective, it is better to use contrasting colors. The green color is transmitted with leek, cucumbers, different greens, the orange one – with carrot, orange, the red one – with tomato, beet, the white one – with a hardboiled egg, fresh turnip. After all, the limit is only your imagination.

4. Arrangement

You should think through the arrangement of all the decorating elements. The plate should not distract the attention. Just keep in mind, that any decorated dish looks much better than its “shy neighbor”. The decorations should be made accurately and the lines of cuts – well-defined. Plate edges should be cleaned before serving.

5. Handy advice

The meat, fish, poultry dishes should be brushed with oil; it will give a palatable polish to the golden skin. The decorating items for hot dishes are prepared in advance; they are arranged on the plate as quick as possible so that the dish is not cooled. If you want to use decorating items again, they can be kept for a while under the conditions that won’t let then be spoiled. Potato and turnip items are kept, refrigerated, in the water they were boiled. Beet decorations are place in wine vinegar.