Each year we spend a lot of money on skincare that we believe is effective. We are tricked by advertisement, make-belief celebrities that endorse different types of products, and our favorite stores that offer us special deals on make-up and skincare that we have never heard about. But do you really know how well skincare products that you have in your bathroom medicine cabinet work? If you say yes, we will ask you another question: how do you know that? And most importantly: do you know what are the ingredients in creams and serums that you put on your face every day and night?

Let’s take Estee Lauder, for example. This brand is known to use a lot of different chemical compounds in its products, with little to no organic ingredients. La Prairie is famous for its caviar compound, which is extracted from Baerii sturgeon, and is supposed to smooth skin. La Mer uses diamond dust that, presumably, does a better job at exfoliating than its simpler counter parts. The list is endless, but either of these companies is yet to prove to us that their ingredients work better than good old herbal medicine.
We have already written about a new brand on the market called Natura Siberica. Today, we would like to acquaint you better with this newcomer in the world of organic, all-natural make-up and skincare.

Natura Siberica is an all-natural brand of make-up that offers products created from wild herbs and other natural compounds found in the Siberian wilderness. For centuries, Siberian plants and herbs have been known to have ‘extraordinary antioxidant properties’ which enhance the body’s well-being and slow the aging process. Today, Natura Siberica takes these properties, expands them with newest technologies and turns them into one-of-a-kind skincare line that can make you look younger and more energized in days.

If we compare some of the products from the lines mentioned earlier and Natura Siberica, we can see that the ingredients in Natura Siberica are those that can be found in nature, versus something that was created in a lab. We can also see that Natura Siberica products are much more competitively priced, which in no way means that they are subpar to those of La Prairie or Estee Lauder, which can cost as much as $600.00! For example, Active Organics day and night creams contain Manchurian Aralia and Japanese Sophora extracts which promote circulation and cell regeneration, strengthen your skin and regulate its lipid balance. Active Organics anti-aging serum consists only of certified organic extracts and oils and contains an herb known as Cladonia Nivalis, which for its high-performance anti-aging properties.

Pleasantly priced, Natura Siberica offers you a line of skincare products that are hypoallergenic and organic. Check out a complete list in our Online store and remember, something doesn’t have to be expensive and famous to work well, in fact, history shows that it is the underdog that usually wins the race.