Turkey day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are all behind us. This means one thing: it’s time for serious Holiday Gift shopping.

On this #GivingTuesday we’ve gathered a unique Russian Gift Guide for the Holidays, complete with authentic Russian gift ideas.

Finding creative gifts is time consuming. Even online browsing is exhausting. Browsing through thousands of item and gift ideas only to end up the familiar popcorn and pretzels, or dried fruit and nuts box from yester-year.

Before you make your list…

… and check it twice …

Check out twelve days of Russian Gifts for Christmas Guide.

Unique and totally gorgeous gifts for everyone on your list, with a traditional Russian flavor.

Dozens of colorful Holiday Chocolate Gift Boxes, limited edition Basilur Gourmet Tea Sets, unique Christmas Tree decorations, and novelty 2017 calendars and traditional Russian Souvenirs.

If you’re looking for unique holiday gifts that’ll have everyone asking you – “where’d you get that?” —don’t miss our list below.

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Red Caviar Gourmet Gift Set

Red caviar and blinis are as traditional as you get in Russian culinary holiday traditions. Warm homemade blinis with savory salmon caviar roe are found on most holiday tables. This Gourmet Gift Set with Red Caviar includes two nesting dolls, traditional khokhloma wooden spoon, delicious gourmet tea and Russian chocolate bar.

Russian Khokhloma Style Apron

Surprise the chef in your life with a traditional Russian Khokhloma design apron. Khkokhloma is a traditional Russian painting style that’s often used to decorate ornamental tableware and furniture. It’s vivid red and gold flower patterns on a black background carry a recognizable “Russian brand” stamp.

Porcelain Fire Rooster

In Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of the colorful and flamboyant Fire Rooster. According to astrologers, this is the year to get organized with your finances and work with focus. This porcelain Fire Rooster can be a gentle reminder that pecking away at a project or goal will yield amazing results in 2017!

Russian Santa Nesting Dolls

Russian nesting dolls need no introduction. We’ve all seen the sweet face of a traditional Matryoshka. What’s unique about this set is the Ded Moroz, Snegurochka and snowman and company design. This souvenir will start with a smile and last a lifetime.

Basilur Keepsake Tea Books

Bsilur makes exquisite teas all year round. But for the holidays, they come up with something extra special. Basilur Tea Gourmet Gift Sets include 100% ceylon black loose leaf teas, dressed in foil envelopes and housed within intricately designed, vintage style tin boxes. Each tea represent joy, love and the warm spirit of Christmas in a keepsake box.

And for the true tea connoisseurs, we’ve lined up a Basilur Gourmet Gift Fruit Tea set. Made with 100% ceylon black tea leaf with natural cherry, kiwi, cornflower and mint flavors. Or this Basilur “London Tin Caddy” featuring pure ceylon black tea with amaranth, natural red cornflower, raw chocolate and bergamont flavors.

Pick up a traditional Russian tea glass holder for an ultimate tea-drinking experience.

Christmas Vintage Lunch Pail

Homemade lunches will have an exciting new home with this Holiday vintage lunch pail, featuring Russian Santa “Ded Moroz” and Snegurochka. Russian sweets and chocolates fill this colorful tin hinged box with handle.

Assorted Chocolates in Keepsake Book

A gourmet chocolate assortment in a beautifully designed tin book includes classic Babaevsky brand truffle cream candies. Babaevsky is one of the oldest candy and chocolate makers in Russia. The gorgeous Holiday Gourmet Gift box features 18 premium chocolates and candies.

Masha and the Bear Chocolates

“Masha and the Bear” is a popular Russian cartoon that has mesmerized children around the world. Masha and her beloved sidekick are now part of the premiere Holiday chocolate collection. Give a child in your life a set of “Masha and the Bear” chocolates and watch their eyes light up with joy!

Vintage Art “Soviet Posters” Calendar

Soviet propaganda posters first appeared during the Russian Revolution, back in 1917. The most famous is Dmitry Moor’s “Have YOU Enlisted in the Army?” featuring a man dressed in red revolutionary garb. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the distinctive style of the Soviet Posters became iconic art pieces.

Organic Honey in Handmade Wooden Barrel

Russian produces some of the finest and tastiest honey. Raw honey from the Republic of Bashkorostan and Altai regions contains natural enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Collected from Russian honeybees and stored in decorative wooden barrels. This “Winter Wonderland” barrel is packed with natural and organic flower honey.

Russian Winter Hat “Ushanka”

Russian winters are notoriously cold. Keeping your head and ears warm is essential to surviving the windy weather. These iconic Russian hats are a comfy combination of warmth and style. The feaux fur earflaps and red star are an unmistakably Russian fashion statement.

Faberge Style Egg

Faberge eggs are not just for Easter anymore. This gorgeous piece features a Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. A unique and meaningful Christmas gift with a Russian twist.

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