With only 5 shopping weeks left until Christmas, we’re excited to share a few authentic Russian Holiday gift ideas. Our Holiday gift guide and shopping list is full of sweet surprises for kids and adults.

Traditional toys, colorful candy boxes, Christmas tree ornaments and so much more!

Our list includes popular favorites and best sellers from RussianFoodUSA, where you’ll find dozens of Russian Holiday gifts for Christmas and New Year.

“Masha and the Bear” Chocolates

From the most popular Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear” come delicious chocolate medals. Kids all over the world have fallen in love with “Masha and the Bear”, a cartoon about the adventures of mischievous little Masha and her beloved sidekick.

Christmas Chocolate Boxes

These delightful chocolate boxes are created exclusively for the Christmas season, and filled with gourmet candy from the well-known brand Alenka. Bright and colorful, many feature vintage Russian winter holiday characters like “Ded Moroz” and “Snegurochka”. Others are shaped like the recognizable Kremlin Tower.

For something more magical …

… check out the Holiday “Magic Book”.  A colorful pop-out book full of tasty Russian candy and gingerbread sweets. 

Gourmet Russian Chocolate Gift Box

Gourmet Russian Tea Book 

Tea drinking is a Russian national pastime. So much happens over a cup of piping hot tea, usually drank at the kitchen table. There are special ways of brewing tea, for example in a traditional Russian Samovar. Serving tea is also an art – for example in an authentic Russian tea glass holder. And of course there is the tea itself. Every year, Basilur makes tea-time even more special with their unique Holiday Gourmet Tea Book sets. Delicious teas nestled in gorgeous metal Holiday book boxes make warm and cozy gifts! 

Russian Tumbler Toy (Nevalyashka)

We’ve got your first dibs on Russian toys and souvenirs for kids. Like “Nevalyashka” a classic Russian tilting toy. This vintage plastic doll makes sounds, and tilts and wobbles every time it’s pushed. Choose form the classic red and white, or other unique character designs. We even have one that’s a snowman

Russian Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now that we’ve got your kids, friends and family covered, here are a few items to adorn your Christmas Tree. From chocolate jingle bells, and classic Russian “Ded Moroz” and “Snegurochka”, these sweets come ready to hang … or eat!

Or, a low-calorie version to last a lifetime. Russian Winter Wonderland ornaments that are made of shatterproof glass or wood, and are kid (and pet!) friendly.

We get NEW Arrivals weekly. Holiday gifts, toys and souvenirs, chocolates and unique calendars are all available now at RussianFoodUSA.com.

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