Every year, right around the Holiday Season, we start making our list … and checking it twice. Holidays are always a combination of amazing times with family and friends, and just a tad too much stress about what to get all your loved ones. And let’s not forget all the small gifts we give to our babysitters, hair-dressers, parents at the PTA or dance school, teachers, co-workers and clients.

Shopping for individual gifts can be exhausting. Not to mention the copious numbers of other shoppers at major retailers buying the exact same can of holiday popcorn or mass produced jar of cookies with questionable ingredients and expiration dates.

This year, why not make it easy on yourself and pre-order exclusive Russian Holiday gifts that can be delivered straight to the recipient. They’ll enjoy a beautiful holiday package with all the goodies you carefully chose. And they’re sure to stand out from the crowd — like the exclusive variety of chocolates in festive holiday packaging, or traditional Russian teas in exquisite aluminum Holiday themed boxes?

We love this time of year because we get a sneak preview of all the fun Holiday gifts directly from our distributors and manufacturers.

Traditional Russian Holiday Gift Guide

Traditional Russian Teas in Holiday Gift Boxes.

Basilur Tea has transformed an ancient and internationally beloved beverage, into a sophisticated premium tea drink. Basilur harvests the highest quality teas to make unparalleled blends of premium tea products. Beyond producing stunning tea flavors infused with natural fruits and herbs, Basilur is known for their one-of-a-kind gift boxes, custom shapes, and special materials and printing methods. We especially love the Balisur limited edition Holiday tea books.

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Sweet Childhood Favorites.

Gorgeous Holiday candy gift packages with assorted childhood favorite chocolates by popular Russian candy makers like “Rot Front”, “Babaevski”, and “Red October”. You’ll love the chocolates and will cherish the decorative Holiday gift boxes in unique shapes and prints.

Limited Edition 2016 Russian Calendars.

Beautiful Russian themed calendars, including traditional Russian tea drinking, Pushkin Tales, Classic USSR Propaganda, and Moscow in Watercolors calendar.

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Decorative Handmade Wooden Honey Barrels.

Natural organic flower honey packed in a gorgeous hand painted Wooden Matryoshka — a sweet Holiday gift for someone unique and special in your life. Also check out the Handmade Wooden Samovar with organic honey for a truly traditional Russian gift that’s sure to make a statement.

Chocolate Matryoshka.

This delicious set of chocolate traditional Russian nesting dolls comes with two large and 8 small sweet assortments of milk chocolate with tender cream filling. Enjoy these adorable edible dolls or gift them as a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Exquisite chocolate bell shaped figurines, complete with colorful foil wrapping and loop for hanging. These ornaments are definitely great enough to eat!

Decorative Russian Plates.

Decorative porcelain plates are an elegant and original gift for the person that has everything. Once in a home, they can be passed on for generation to generation, eventually becoming an heirloom in its own right.

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Russian Holiday Gifts Guide

Want even more ideas? Browse our Russian Holiday Gift selection at RussianFoodUSA.com for the latest accessories, calendars, candies and authentic Russian teas in gorgeous Holiday keepsake boxes.

Enjoy the shopping!