Russian stuffed peppers are a classic dish perfect for pretty much any time of the year. They are especially hearty and delicious when the weather outside is cold. A classic dish in Eastern European cuisine, stuffed peppers are particularly popular in Russia. Easy to make and oh so delicious, stuffed peppers taste best with minced lean beef or turkey meat. Sauteing the meat with onions on medium to low heat will bring out the flavors and make the meat more tender. Cook the rice in a separate pot just past the point of al dente…


it will have a chance to cook fully once its mixed in with the meat and stuffed into peppers.

  • [span_open_ingredients]2-3 bell peppers[span_close]
  • [span_open_ingredients]1 onion[span_close]
  • [span_open_ingredients]1 can tomato paste[span_close]
  • [span_open_ingredients]1 cup rice[span_close]
  • [span_open_ingredients]salt, pepper, parsley, dill to taste[span_close]



  • Clean the peppers, cut the top and remove all seeds and veins.
  • The peppers should be medium size and fit comfortably in a large shallow pot.
  • Once you stuff the peppers, reserve a bit of meat to cook inside the pot with tomato sauce…
  • it makes a natural mouthwatering garnish.
  • Simmer the stuffed peppers in tomato sauce for about 20 minutes.
  • Garnish with a dollop (or several!) of sour cream and some freshly cut herbs.
  • We love dill, but parsley or even finely chopped basil will be great.
  • Beyond the divine smell, it will add a bit of freshness to the stuffed peppers.


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