They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But is it really? When we have a happy, satisfying relationship with someone, do we stop trying to be beautiful? When we worry about our appearance, do we only worry about the impression certain people have of us? Do we only want to be beautiful for one day, event, or gathering? Most of us will answer these questions with a “No” – when we think about beauty, we think about it being almost eternal – something that doesn’t depend on a situation.

But let’s talk about what beauty is. Historically, this term is associated with physical appearance of a human – man or woman – and is mainly related to proportions and youth. For example, research shows that in Western cultures men are considered attractive when their legs are as long as their upper body, while female legs should ideally be 40% longer than the rest of their body. Facial symmetry is another factor playing into proportions –eyes, brows and lips all have a role in how people perceive each other. Body proportions, which are considered attractive, vary from culture to culture, but one important factor that historically determines whether we, and others, feel that we are beautiful remains the same throughout the world and dates back to our ancestors – youth.

You may say that youth comes and goes and there is nothing to do about it. However, with advanced cosmetics technologies it is definitely much easier to remain youthful, thus beautiful, than change the length of your legs, bust size, or eye shape.

But let’s move on to some interesting facts. Did you know that ancient Romans didn’t tolerate any kind of facial blemishes, including freckles? They used such methods as milk baths and chalk masks to hide such imperfections. Thankfully, today we don’t have to take drastic measures and can simply be smart about our skin care choices. Natura Siberica is that perfect choice.

This innovative skin care is completely organic and uses Siberian herbs to give you the same results that you see with expensive, top-of-the-line cosmetics manufacturers like La Prairie and L’Oreal.

Natura Siberica also offers a line of decorative makeup created with the same organic and natural ingredients than the rest of its products.

Though it is clear that makeup is no longer made with copper, lead and other harmful materials, a lot of products out there can actually damage your skin in the long run. We hope that you take caution in your choices and don’t forget that young, smooth skin has traditionally been considered the most beautiful physical feature of a human.