There is no one who doesn’t like chocolate. It’s well known that chocolate is produced from cacao beans, but not everyone knows that this product might be more than 3000 years old.

People of the ancient civilizations in Central America, the origin of the cacao plant, used its seeds to make a beer-like concoction for their celebrations. Cacao mass, which is now the main ingredient of chocolate, was probably a byproduct of that brewing. The use of a sweet chocolate drink by Aztecs and Mayans later on, up to 16th century, is well documented. Spanish conquistadors of Central America fell in love with the beverage and introduced the recipe in Europe. Since then, chocolate has become a favorite dessert all over the world, and gradually evolved into its modern forms.

Besides being a sweet delight, chocolate has a lot of health benefits. It contains the alkaloids theobromine and phenethylamin that can boost your mood and make you feel good. Chocolate is full of antioxidants which protect body cells from damage. It reduces bad cholesterol level and lowers blood pressure which in turn helps to prevent heart disease. Chocolate improves cognitive function and may improve declining sexual desire in older women. However, in order to get all these benefits from chocolate, you have to have it regularly. Then, the question arises of which brand of chocolate to have.

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