You can use any fish you have, it will suit perfect.

Fish contains protein, which is easily absorbed and digested by the body, because it is recommended for anyone with weakened health, and those who are in the recovery. Fish is also considered a rich source of minerals (iodine, fluorine, copper, manganese), vitamin E, D, A and type omega 3 fats.

Saltwater fish are more useful than freshwater. Of all the fish grouper – a leader on the content of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Of freshwater fish most valuable are carp, bass and bream.

Salmon is considered useful for the brain. It contains melatonin – the hormone of youth, as well as the type of Omega 3 healthy fats that help lower cholesterol and weight.

For the brain even more useful is the salmon, it improves mental capacity and protects against the development of cancer cells.

Alleged use of pollock liver, which contains vitamin A – vitamin improves eyesight, condition of hair, skin, bones.

The benefits of fish say even those who consider it a good source of phosphorus, but not everyone knows that fish phosphorus in the human body to digest bad.


Stuffed fish is a delicious dish for any occasion, it can decorate your holiday table or diversify your weekend menu.

  • 1 ea fish
  • 500 g spinach
  • 100 g dill
  • 1 ea lemon
  • Salt


  • Wash greens, chop finely.
  • Grate lemon with peel and stir in greens.
  • Wash fish very carefully, disembowel it.
  • Make a cut long wise the back, take out the spine bone.
  • Make a cut long wise the stomach until the tail.
  • Salt and pepper every part, spread green filling on one part and cover with another one.
  • Wrap in foil and bake in well heated oven.