Several years ago, the only option a woman had to remain looking younger was plastic surgery. Today, we have the luxury of technology that brings us advances every day, with the help of which we can forget the word ‘plastic surgery’. Such technologies and innovations include lasers, light therapy, chemical peels, and much, much more. We now have the capabilities to look younger longer without being subjected to the dangers of anesthesia and scalpel.

What used to be a question of “What can I do to stay away from the operating table?” is now a question of “How can I change my skincare approach to prolong the necessity of Thermage or Botox?”

Any self-respecting woman starts to wonder about her skincare products in the mid-late twenties. Before this time she really uses skincare because she’s ‘supposed to’, she IS a woman after all. But her skin is still so soft, young and radiant that the type of cream she uses doesn’t matter much. Then comes the time when many questions need to be answered: what type of night cream? Day cream? Eye Cream? What is toner? What type of toner? What is a serum? What type of serum? How do I use all these simultaneously? It seems to be too much! Just a few years ago all you needed was a little can of your down the line Olay cream and now you need an entire cabinet full of product.

Though answering all these questions would take a very long time and definitely needs to be done by a professional, with this article, we would like to take an opportunity to clear up one question: what is the difference between a serum and a cream? – and give our readers the knowledge to make decisions that will keep them away from those laser machines for years to come.

Let’s first say, and we hope you already know at least this much – serums are liquid, creams are not. Many believe that this different in chemical properties allows serums to moisturize the skin better. Though it is true that creams have larger molecules than serums and thus don’t penetrate as deep into your skin, it is not true that they moisturize better. Serums in general are not created to moisturize skin, rather to deposit nutrients and vitamins into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Depending on your personal needs, be it acne, age spots or wrinkles, you can boost your skin’s regeneration process (read – look better faster) by adding a serum to your skincare regimen. Any serums that contain vitamin C and hydroxy and hyaluronic acids are considered to beneficial for any type of skin. If you suffer from oily skin, you can cut out facial creams once a day (for example, at night) and substitute it with a serum, which will deliver the necessary nutrients to your skin, but will not overwhelm it with moisturizing properties.

Whether you have already discovered the wonderful benefits of using serums, or are just now starting to think about the correct way to go about your skincare, think about taking a look at Natura Siberica serums that are targeted at different needs. We guarantee that you will be not only pleasantly surprised with the price (under $20.00 dollars), but will love the results. In just weeks your skin will be younger, brighter and more radiant.

Don’t underestimate the importance of youth and the advantages you now have to keep yours forever! Great skincare is no longer the luxury of the few; it is now available to anyone who is set on keeping up with the time when 40 is the new 25.