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Sweet Christmas gifts

New Year’s time is coming. It is a time of incredible atmosphere, filled with anticipation of wonder, dreams and fun entertainment. Of course, kids love this holiday more than anybody. Sweet New Year gifts are, perhaps, traditional for people all over the world. A sweet gift can be an independent present and a nice addition to another surprise. And it’s always a delight for teenagers and young children.

But no matter how pleasing it is to give presents, it is always preceded by the anguish of choice, bustle, preparations and packaging. That is why we have picked several options of Christmas gifts that will interest you and help you choose the best treat for relatives and close friends.

Our first choice is the set of candies from the series “Favorite from childhood” made in the form of one big candy with different illustrations on both sides. The box is easy to open, which undoubtedly will please children. The set includes candy familiar to everyone since childhood – toffees, crunchy grilyazh with roasted nuts, famous Little Red Riding Hood, candy bars and all famous caramels. This “candy” will be a great addition to the gift under the Christmas tree or just a budget gift. This gift is bound to cause a lot of nostalgic emotions in adults.

Set with Kremlin tower from the same spectacular series creates a warm, festive atmosphere and will most certainly stand out among the other gifts under the tree. These two presents are of different mass and composition of the “Kremlin” is more diverse. Soufflé lovers will find something to pamper themselves with it.

Another set decorated with symbols of the year will bring unforgettable emotions. The secret is not only in a delicious filling, but in a box itself that turns into two fun masks. The child will be able to share sweets with friends, or engage in crafts. Cookies, soufflés, marshmallows, and of course, chocolate, caramel and chocolate candies of different types serve as a sweet gift in this box.

The brand “Alenka” produced one of the brightest New Year presents. This mono set of chocolates from the best manufacturer of Russia will be appreciated by each and every sweet tooth; it is diverse and vibrant. Collected here are well known chocolate sweets Alenka and new chocolate bars with different fillings, sweet rolls, and waffle candies of different kinds, cookies and soufflés. There are several kinds of Alenka gifts. One is small and its packaging is made from laminated cardboard. The second one has a more interesting package. Little chest can be easily turned into a dollhouse or bird feeder depending on the children’s imagination. The cardboard is very dense and will stand all kinds of kids games.

All our kits are manufactured by leading Russian confectionery factories. Candies are packed in a special package within each box which prevents the deformation of sweets. After purchasing the gift, please maintain the cool temperature regime in storage so that candies do not melt.

We wish you quick and effortless holiday preparations!