Since several years ago people started to consider bath salts as a part of their needed beauty/perfume supply. After all, there is little that can compare to a warm bubble bath filled with aromatic and therapeutic bath salts at the end of a hectic work day. Bath salts, however, have another very important property to them outside of simple relaxation – they can also heal many skin conditions, chronic arthritic conditions, as well as have a positive effect on a person’s psychological conditions. Several minutes spent in a ‘salt bath’ can dramatically increase vitality and bring good mood. The reason is that bath salts contain iodine that disinfects and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for our thyroid and any small cuts and/or bruises on our bodies, while bromine relaxes and calms.

Iodine and bromine are not the only microelements that exist in bath salts – many healing herbs are usually added to most bath salts as well, which infuse the healing properties of these salts. The human skin has great absorbing capabilities, so all the components of a salt bath ‘cocktail’ are absorbed into the skin and delivered throughout the body with the help of our blood stream.

Some of health conditions that can be improved with the use of bath salts include stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, urinary tract infections and psoriasis. Salts that include mint, lavender, lemon and tangerine oils are great for stress relief. Tea tree oil works well in cases of chronic fatigue, while rose oil is great for healing cuts and bruises and works as an anti-stress ointment. Appearance of cellulite can be addressed by adding grapefruit or orange oil to the bath, while skin pronged to allergies will appreciate an addition of chamomile.

When choosing which bath salt to use, think organic. Just like everything else, organic bath salts are much more beneficial to your health. When trying to determine which brand to use, think Natura Siberica. This brand not only offers great all natural, organic cosmetics (as we’ve written before), it also has a line of bath products like salts and body masks. All you need is a warm bath, 2-3 table spoons of bath salts and a couple of drops of your favorite oil. A candle and a glass of wine may be added as well!