Several months ago we already wrote about the pleasure of bath salts and how a spoonful of components created especially for this experience can make your day relaxing and rejuvenating. Today, we would like to broaden your knowledge of therapeutic baths and tell you about how else you can make your bath time better and more beneficial for your body. In this post we will concentrate mostly on things you can find in your kitchen.

First of all, we will talk about sea salt. Sea salt is known to moisturize your skin, making it look younger and more vibrant. This simple additive will help you fight stubborn cellulite and strengthen your nails, as well as relax you after a hard day of work. You can either purchase special sea salts (Russian Shoppe, of course, offers a great variety), or simply buy table sea salt at your local grocery store.

Baking soda is another surprisingly beneficial ingredient that can be added to your bath regimen, making your skin soft and silky smooth. Just try adding 200 grams of your regular cooking baking soda to bath water and see how it will change the appearance of your skin in just weeks.

Milk! Yes, milk. You may say that everything so far sounds like we are cooking some kind of an elaborate dish. Well, though all these ingredients can be found in any kitchen and are not thought of as skincare products, you will be surprised to find out that many people, including celebrities, turn to them to look better and feel healthier. Milk has a lot of vitamins and minerals that raise the skin’s elasticity and its rejuvenation properties. Add 1 liter of warm milk to a bath full of water and soak yourself in it for approximately 20 minutes.

Lavender is another great additive and more than likely most of you know why. This herb is one of the best in lowering stress and getting your mood back on track. It also helps get rid of any inflammatory processes on your skin, as well as headaches and migraines. Adding just a tea-bag of lavender, or some lavender oil, will do wonders for your day.

Honey is a great moisturizer as well. Additionally, honey will heal any skin cracks (like on your feet, for example) and will infuse your skin with the great abundance of vitamins and minerals that it has in it. Mix 2 spoons of honey with warm water in a glass and then add this mixture to your bath. Make sure to take a warm shower after the bath, as you may be a bit sticky.

There are times when you want to take a relaxing bath , but just having water in it doesn’t seem enough. At times like these, most of us are sorry we don’t buy different bath ‘gadgets’ and of course don’t want to run to the store to purchase them. Well, now you know that more than likely, you can find something to bring that extra ‘oompf’ to your bath time in your kitchen. Just make sure not to add all of the above at the same time – that may turn out to be something edible.