What is Kabanosy and how they differ from the Salami and usual sausage.

Kabanosy – this word (as, in fact, the dish itself) came to us from Poland.
The name is similar to the Polish word “kabanos” (boar), as if hinting that these sausages are made exclusively from pork.
These boars specially fed potatoes (no bran!), thereby making meat “clean”, and products from it, as it is cool to say now – natural organic.

Kabanosy appeared in Poland as food for hunters and soldiers away from home.
Historians say that the shape of the boars (in appearance it is long thin sausages) allowed them to hang on his neck in the form of a necklace or reel on the hand as a bracelet.
Such a cunning reception allowed not to stop in a long road for lunch break.
You ride on a horse, you wanted to eat it – you bit off the sausage hanging around my neck. Convenient, isn’t it?

In appearance salami and Kabanosy are radically different from each other. Sausage and salami is both long and short, as well as completely different in diameter – thin as Krakow, or large and round, as a Bologna.

Kabanosy are long thin sausages. Always. And there can be no other option.

Features of production
Sausage can be boiled, baked, smoked, boiled-smoked, dried and raw – options countless.
The Kabanosy are only a little smoked and dried for a long time to reach a minimum of moisture in the meat.
Due to this technology, the shelf life of the boars is much longer.
Plus Kabanosy can be stored without a refrigerator, which can not be said about the sausage, which immediately ” die” in a warm place.

Kabanosy can be safely eaten in bed, and then leave the under-eaten on the nightstand by the bed – who knows, suddenly you will want a tasty in the middle of the night?

If we talk about the recipe, the Kabanosy, in fact, it is pure meat.
The meat is twisted into mince, then smoked and dried, without adding any phosphates, dyes and glutamates.
In sausage there are a million additives – from lard to dyes, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Important point: the Kabanosy are covered with an edible shell, not a pulp like a sausage. Therefore, they can safely not be cleaned and immediately eat.
And hands – a great option for those who do not like to wash after themselves dishes.

If sausage can be put on a sandwich or added to salads, the Kabanosy are usually eaten with their hands and served as a snack – along with cheese, crackers and croutons.
Or just use as a snack: such a male analogue chocolate, which is convenient to get any day and night and quickly eat in any convenient place for you – at least at home, at work, even on the street on the way to a business meeting (suddenly you have meetings there pass without coffee and lunches).

Kabanosy are smoked, but not so long that they did not have time to dry and harden.
Kabanosy are eaten as an appetizer, as well as for soups and roasts, and are also added to pizza or pasta.