Atkanchay or Etkenchay, Etkenshay (Uighurs. ئەتكەنچاي / etkenchay / әtkәnchay) – the national drink of Uighurs, known as butter tea and Tibet. The strong brewed tea baikhovi topped up with milk in a ratio of 1: 1, hard salt, give to boil. In some areas with added butter milk, sour cream and occasionally readjusted to reflux. Sometimes, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Serve in bowls with cakes.
Tea as a beverage has been known for a long time Uighurs, since Silk Road passed through Uighur lands on it and it carried tea from India and China. In this connection, an interesting legend of the XIX century., Popular among the Tatars: a Sufi, whose name was not called, as in Turkestan, the statute on the road, drove into one of the villages near the Chinese border; the landlord has given the traveler a hot drink and fatigue immediately passed; Sufi said: “This is a drink! His place in heaven! It is a gift of the Most High! – and hurried to the path – to tell people about tea, the Sufi has lived through 100 years of tea.” In this story, it is noteworthy that the events unfolded at the “Chinese border”, ie in East Turkestan, which suggests that the rumors about tea from Uighurs went. Although the birthplace of tea, many assumptions of the researchers, is China.
Every nation, every region, and even have their family tradition of preparing and drinking this beverage.
Atkanchay is considered the national drink of Uighurs, is salty tea, milk zabelёnny. His seasoned cream, sour cream, butter, add a little salt. This is a very hearty drink, usually served for breakfast in the morning. There is an assumption that in a literal sense atkanchay means “cooked” tea likeness food noodles after a grueling campaign, as originally atkanchay was known as the drink of the nomads, which is an ancient Uighurs, and traders. Nomads, for cooking on the road, use the maximum available products. Atkanchay drinking from large bowls – “apkur-mending.” Sugar came much later, was expensive and required processing, and salt was available. Furthermore, to maintain the water-salt balance of beneficial tea salt. Milk made him bold and hearty.
The way of life has changed, and with it changed tastes. But until now atkanchay it plays an important role in the diet of the Uighurs. Uighurs know many ways of preparing tea, developed a ritual of tea drinking. In the summer heat atkanchay not only quenches thirst, tones the body, but also essentially satisfies hunger. It is believed that during the winter frosts hot atkanchay relieves colds.

Ingredients for preparing Adjika:

Currently atkanchay use as Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Kalmyks, and Mongols, the latter like a drink known as Sute tsai.

  • 500 g milk.
  • 25 g tea.
  • 25 g butter.
  • 150 g sour cream.
  • Salt.


Brew strong tea and pour in milk (1:1), bring to boil, then add butter, salt, sour cream, stir and bring to boil again.