When you think of the sauna or spa, the Russian bath has to be one of the first thoughts to come to mind. The Russians have become famous for their saunas. In fact, it seems like every time a Hollywood movie depicts a bathhouse or sauna scene, it’s a Russian theme.

Some people would argue that the Finnish sauna is more popular, however, as Russian folklore was hidden because of the iron curtain, it might be more common knowledge in America.

So what makes a Russian sauna so popular and unique?

It’s really the detail in construction and the process of heating up the room or banya to make it authentic and genuine. It starts with the stove to heat up the room. It is usually made with the very best cobblestone possible as well as the tile and the wood.

It needs to be made in such a way that the room can reach an incredible temperature to give the very best effect. The quality of the stove itself can reach temperatures of up to 800°Fahrenheit, which can supply enough heat to warm up the room from 185 to 200°. To be an authentic spa, this temperature needs to be able to be maintained at all times.

You would think it would be hard to breathe, but because of the ideal humidity that is reached in the room, breathing is actually extremely easy as well as enjoyable.

Since a spa is essentially a room size humidifier, we offer many products to help your health in conjunction with using a spa. We have many extracts and Essential oils that can be added or infused in the sauna that can permeate the room allowing you to breathe these health and rejuvenating products while you enjoy relaxation.
For example, if you have a cold, Siberian Pine can help soothe a cough. The Taiga Cedar can help to increase oxygen absorption into our bodies.

Besides these health healing products, you can also use a sauna hat. It’s a wool hat that is supplied exclusively to our company and a perfect way to protect your head while enjoying the sauna heat. Also, we carry many different bath salts, bath shampoos with special herbs to strengthen and revitalize all hair types.

To summarize, everyone needs to experience a Russian bath or Russian spa. The health effects on its own is tremendous. However, with the addition of these exclusive products to add to your spa experience, it will make it more enjoyable and further improve your health.