Shashlyk is an eastern dish: fragrant, juicy, smelling with charcoals meat with good dry wine. Unfortunately, today’s shashlyk is far from the classical one, although everyone enjoys it much, until they taste the true dish. The homeland of shashlyk is the East, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Caucasus. But the dish became popular and beloved among all the people. It is not what we call barbecue or kebab, although.Shashlyk stands alone is not just grilled or fired meat, but the whole cooking ceremonial with its rules and interdictions.

Shashlyk is the only dish that makes the table groan and the only reason to gather a great company. It is served with fresh tomatoes, grilled vegetables, greens, onion, cheese and dry wine. Nothing must spoil the taste of shashlyk, as the person should enjoy every piece of the delicious meat.
So, you have decided to treat your friends’ gang and should choose the kind of meat or fish to use. As we are not going to follow strict Caucasian cooking traditions, where shashlyk is made only from lamb, and can take any meat. Nowadays, thanks to the modest budget or rich assortment in the shops, this palatable treat can be perfectly made from lamb, pork, beef, poultry or sturgeon. The only important thing is that the meat should be fresh and not frozen.

Lamb shashlyk is a fine, like everything in the East, cooking art. Lamb should be young and non-fat, that’s why it is better to take a small lamb less than 8 kg. Cut off extra fat and cut into small equal pieces. Grind onion in a mincer and combine with lamb pieces to let them soaked with onion juice. Onion rounds are for nothing in spite of its beautiful look. Salt and pepper are added to taste. Then the meat is combined with good adjika (made from tomatoes, paprika and spices) and marinated for 24 hours.

The vinegar kills the natural meat taste and the wine doesn’t do any good at all. Put 4 or 5 cubes of meat, without onion or any other vegetable slices between, on each metal skewers and broil over charcoals until pink and juicy.

Now is the turn to talk about pork shashlyk – for that, it is better to use ham or, for special gourmets, pork ribs. The ribs are cut in pairs. The recipe of the marinade is the same.
Many people suppose that beef is really good for shashlyk. And you can make a simple pleasure with it as well. Just don’t forget that beef is more resistant to bite than pork Therefore it is good to soak beef in water with gas before marinating. Beef shashlyk can be juicy, flavorful and tasty as any other.

Meat shashlyk is served with red dry wine. It is strongly inadvisable to have shashlyk with vodka or beer. The wine should be kept at warm temperature even at heat.

Another thing is poultry shashlyk, worthy dish. You can use fillet or cut into equal small cubes the whole chicken or turkey. The marinade is the same, but the chicken should be marinated longer. After the grilling, you stand a great chance to enjoy the most delightful dish. The poultry shashlik is served with dry white wine. It imparts the taste of the shashlik. White wines at any season are served cooled. Being light, they are very easy to drink.

All the snacks should impart the taste of shashlik and harmonize with it. The best sauce for shashlik is tomato sour one.Well, the shashlyk, simmering in its own juices and bursting with flavor, is on the table, at last. The snacks should whet the appetite for the food of temptation and satiation.