Spring is a season of new desires and activities. Whatever you do–gardening, playing with kids in the yard, jogging, bicycling, hiking, or going on a tour–requires good health and a lot of energy. You’ve probably accumulated some energy in your body eating high-calorie foods and watching TV in the long winter months. Now it’s time to use it.

The first spring rule is: start new activities slowly and increase their level gradually so your body can adjust easier. The second, but equally important rule is eating healthy. Try to avoid red meats that are rich in trans-fat, and instead, include more poultry and seafood in your diet that is a much healthier choice. You should have at least 6 servings of vegetables and fruit per day as a source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Leafy green vegetables contain vitamin C which is beneficial for the immune system and helps to prevent seasonal viral infections. Orange vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin A that is good for your eyes and skin. Red vegetables contain lykopene that can protect your skin from sun damage. Beans and peas are a great source of protein and the B vitamin group. White fruits are good for your brain.

Being physically active requires more frequent meals and drinking plenty of fluids. Dried fruit and nuts make an excellent snack between bigger meals. Be smart about what you drink. Avoid too much caffeinated drinks and try our famous Russian kvass instead.
Besides a unique and pleasant taste, it has a number of health benefits such as improving digestion and heart function. If you get tired, recharge your batteries and boost your mood with a chocolate bar. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and makes you feel good as it stimulates endorphin production.