Beef tongue has always been considered a dainty. This recipe is taken from ancient Jewish cookbook and was written in Old Slavonic language. Trust your sense of proportion and you will succeed! You will enjoy it!

Ingestion of even 100 grams of beef tongue meets the 9% of the daily caloric needs, completely covers the requirement for vitamin B12, promotes the normalization of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. From the same portion of 40% met the need for zinc, reduced cholesterol levels obtained as compared with use of other meat products, itself serving as a positive impact on the ability of skin to regenerate. Thanks zinc wounds heal faster, improves the condition of the covers. Replenish the B vitamins, which improves the condition of hair and skin, they visually look more healthy and young. Beef tongue covers 30% of the need for vitamin PP that helps to fight migraines and bessonnitsey.Produkt is part of many diets, it is recommended for children. Useful beef tongue during pregnancy and lactation. It helps fight diseases anemic people with problems of the digestive tract, including peptic ulcer disease. This is due to the fact that language is not a part of the connective tissue, so the fibers are easily digested and absorbed by the body. Due to this not occur putrefaction in the intestines, and reduces the risk of colon cancer.


Due to the low cholesterol levels and ability to bind and remove cholesterol from the human body beef tongue useful for cardiovascular diseases.

  • 1 ea beef tongue.
  • 1 ea whole pepper.
  • spices.
  • salt.
  • 1 ea onion.
  • fat to fry.
  • 1 tb flour.
  • 1 ts vinegar.
  • sugar.
  • 1 tb raisins.
  • 1 tb chopped almond.


  • Cook tongue in water with pepper, salt and spices; peel off the skin and set aside.
  • Fry chopped onion in fat until light brown and add a pinch of sugar.
  • Stir in flour in broth and add vinegar to taste.
  • Add onion, raisins and chopped almonds to broth and stew on low heat, then add tongue, cover tightly and stew for a half an hour.