Most people don’t even have caviar in their vocabulary, but should they?
At one time being reserved exclusively for royalty, it was only served to the select few. However, times have changed and caviar can really be enjoyed by anyone. There are many kinds of caviar that have great taste that anyone with any budget can afford.
There are many different price points based on the type of caviar as well as the amount and if it is fresh or preserved in a container. For example, caviar that comes from the sturgeon roe includes Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga and Sterlet.

Every single one of these sturgeon types gives the consumer a completely different tasting experience.

  • Beluga caviar is considered the Rolls Royce of caviar. The eggs are large, glossy, clear and soft. The colors vary from a light silvery gray to shiny black. It has a very creamy texture as if you were tasting butter.
  • The Osetra caviar has medium sized brown to gray eggs with more of the nutty flavor.
  • Sevruga caviar has small eggs that are mostly gray. If it has a very strong saltier flavor mainly because of the smaller eggs. This is usually because there’s more exposure to the brine because of the egg size.
  • Finally, Sterlet has little eggs that are colored gold and interestingly at one time were considered the very best caviar available according to royalty. Unfortunately, this kind isn’t found anymore because the fish is almost extinct and rarely found.

All of these mentioned above are the premium types that most people think of when they want to experience this delicacy. And because they are premium, they are the most expensive. What other types can you find to satisfy your palette? Surprisingly, you can experience other types that taste very good and more reasonable price wise.

These include:

  • American caviar – This type is derived from the paddlefish found in the Mississippi River. It’s a very distant cousin to the sturgeon.
  • Red or salmon – Salmon has been very popular over the years and was highly consumed by the Russian Tsars.

The medium sized eggs can vary from deeper red to a lighter orange. Having a great taste, this variety is often a very good substitute for the more expensive kinds.

How can you enjoy this delightful food on a regular basis without it costing you an arm and a leg?
It really has all to do with the type of caviar, the amount purchased and if it is fresh or preserved. A side note about freshness. You need to understand that even though you buy it fresh, it still has been preserved in a process of soaking the eggs in brine for a set amount of time. This is what gives all caviar the salty taste.

Fresh is going to cost more, but caviar in a can or container that that’s been preserved is still very good. It also makes it easier to store and purchase online, so you have it any time you want. To conclude, there’s no reason why you can’t have caviar anytime you want. But, with the different varieties and sizes of containers to purchase, there’s a price that can meet your budget. It’s possible to fully enjoy this fine food for special occasions as well as everyday life.