If you go to any store and walk down the oral hygiene aisle, you will find just about every type of toothpaste and mouthwash imaginable. You would think that if it was sold over the counter, it would be safe?

It’s not always the case.
Most of the toothpaste that you have in your home is most likely full of chemical and preservatives that are not considered safe to be used on a continual basis.

You might be thinking that it’s only brushing and you’re not eating it. Well, that’s a good thing because consuming toothpaste could be dangerous. In fact, that’s why it’s suggested that children under six be supervised and not even allowed to brush with these different brands.

Also, some brands of mouthwash could be harmful for the mouth if used on a continual basis your after year. It just doesn’t make sense to expose you and your family to any dangerous substances when it could be easily avoided. That’s why we offer many dental products that not only have ingredients that are safe to use, but also have powerful additional ingredients that provides even better oral and overall health.
Here are some examples:


Added herbal ingredients to freshen the breath as well as reduce gum inflammation. It’s so important to get rid of dangerous bacteria that could cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.
Adding powerful herbs to the product can do so much more than ordinary mouthwash bought at the store. For example, sage extract has a great effect on relieving gum inflammation. Cedar nut oil has the effect of toning gums. Other ingredients such as Saint John’s Wort, nettle and yarrow effectively strengthens gum tissue and gives additional protection.


Keep Your Teeth and Gums the Healthiest With This Toothpaste

You can also purchase many brands of toothpaste that are not only free of parabens, S.L.S. and artificial coloring, but also have many great and effective herbs to receive added benefits. Ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil, aloe vera and chamomile have a great affect on the teeth and gums.

We have a whole line of different toothpastes withe herbal formulas that not only thoroughly clean your teeth, but do it safely with added gum and teeth benefits.
In conclusion, it’s very important to maintain excellent teeth and gum health. Besides going to your dentist on a regular basis, the type of toothpaste and mouthwash can also be a determining factor in your long-term health.
Make sure that you purchase products with safe ingredients as well as affective herbals that will not only keep your teeth clean, but also your gums as healthy as possible.