It’s important to stay clean for good hygiene as well as health. However, are the products you’re using everyday harming you?

You need to get one thing straight, most companies that make soaps and shampoos use chemicals and ingredients added in their products that are not safe for the skin or body. One reason is because the FDA does not watch the personal care industry closely enough.

They can essentially add harmful ingredients in their products and get away with it.
Most of the products are full of parabens and phthalates and the company’s that add them don’t think they’re harmful because of the small amounts added. Also, they might be fully aware of the danger, but it would cost them too much to substitute safer ingredients.

How does that make you feel?

Repetitive exposure for even a short time over a long time can have serious consequences. Consumers in this country need to protect themselves and their families by only purchasing personal care products and cosmetics that are truly recognized as safe. It has been argued that using products that are safe is much more important than eating healthy organic food.
The reason for this is because fruits and vegetables grown in a conventional way only have trace amounts of pesticides. On the other hand, conventional personal care products often have many different dangerous chemicals that end up making up a major part of the product. You’re essentially bombarding your skin with these chemicals day in and day out.

What can you do?

Buy natural products with only safe ingredients. They do exist and we offer soaps and other personal care products that are free of dangerous chemicals. For example, Russian Food USA offers natural cosmetic soap. You won’t find any lyes or harmful ingredients. It’s manufactured and formulated with 100% natural plant based ingredients.
In addition, most of our products have added natural ingredients to provide further benefits. The soap contains what’s called a Melissa extract that does a great job of toning the skin safely.
Browsing through our online store, you will find safe products that are also effective without draining your pocketbook.

In conclusion, make sure that you do all that you can to ensure the best health for you and your family. By only using safe personal care products, you will be taking one big step to caring for your family now and down the road.