It’s not a secret that women like flowers. Even those women, who say that they would rather receive something else, secretly enjoy the gesture and no matter how much they growl, when you leave, they will stare at that bouquet for hours and imagine things unimaginable. There seems to be no physiological reason for this, at least none has yet been found.

Some research suggests that proximity to nature relaxes, which is why women that are surrounded by flowers seem to be happier and calmer. This makes sense; after all, we are animals that genetically feel closer to nature than the city. However, it doesn’t explain why women start feeling more romantic when flowers are given to them.

A very interested study was done by Doctor Guéguen – a French scientists – to show the correlation between the presence of flowers and women’s mood. As a subject he took several dozen women and one by one placed them in a room, where he showed them a video of a man. The man was not doing anything out of the ordinary, but half of the women were placed in a room with three vases of flowers, and the other half, in a room with no flowers. After each spent some time looking at the man in the video, she was asked if she found him physically and sexually attractive.

This is where the interesting facts start! For those women, who looked at the video of the man in the room with flowers, he seemed to be much more attractive than for those women, who did not have flowers surround them.

The experiment went further, with a real man being present in a room, where the same women were asked questions that had nothing to do with romance or flowers. Half of the women were interviewed in a room with flowers, the other half, well, you get the point. When the researcher left the room, the young man present during the interview asked the woman for a date. A whopping 81% of those women surrounded by flowers answered ‘Yes’, compared to only 50% of the women that were in a flowerless room. That’s a 31% difference! And the guy didn’t even have to do anything!!

This incredible experiment shows that women are more prone to romance not just when they are given flowers, but when they simply have flowers around them! So if you are cheap, you may want to take her to a meadow and then ask her out. If you can read between the lines, you should know that $15 spent on a bouquet of roses (daisies, tulips, carnations, etc.) will get you a result that is… well, like Visa says ‘Priceless’!

Though this post has nothing to do with the products we sell, Russian Shoppe just wanted to remind all the men out there – cherish your women and don’t underestimate the power of flowers!