Everyone knows that vegetables are extremely beneficial to health. The positive effect on the human body have such products due to the presence therein of substances necessary people. Useful elements are part of absolutely all vegetables. Here are just a set of elements in each of them raznyy.V cucumber contains potassium, which clears the body of water, but this is not its only feature, it also lowers blood pressure, reduces swelling, helps with cardiac arrhythmias.

Cucumbers are useful for the fact that iodine contained in them, digested almost 100% and helps to prevent thyroid disease. Besides iodine contained in the vegetable phosphorus, iron, magnesium, silicon, and chlorine. From vegetables on the content of vitamins B, cucumber occupies one of the leading positions. As it contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), but with an increase in cucumber, it gradually disappears, so its content is greater in small cucumbers than larger ones.

Fried Cucumbers is an extraordinary vegetable dish, but it is worth to taste. Why not to experiment with new recipes?

Ingredients for preparation Fried Cucumbers:

This recipe is taken from ancient Jewish cookbook and was written in Old Slavonic language.

  • 3 ea big cucumbers.
  • 1/2 c meat broth.
  • Vinegar.
  • Salt.
  • Sugar.
  • Oil or fat.
  • Breadcrumbs.


  • Peel cucumbers, cut into 4 parts longwise, clean out seeds.
  • Put cucumbers in a heavy pan with broth, vinegar, salt, sugar to taste and stew on low heat until soft.
  • Add bread crumb and stew.
  • Fried cucumbers are very good with meat.