Summer is a wonderful season when everyone likes to be outdoors as much as possible. What could be better than a picnic on a warm summer day overlooking a beautiful landscape? It can be a romantic picnic with your special one which will stay in your memory forever. It can be a family picnic with active games and loud laughter. It could be also a picnic with friends or colleagues to have fun or to build a better working team.

Whatever picnic you have, it needs to be planned well. First, you have to find the right place for it. For a romantic one, choose a beautiful natural landscape with hills, mountains or fields of flowers. It should be isolated from crowds of people and noisy highways. If you can’t find an ideal natural place, a botanic garden will do. For a family picnic, a nearby park or a river bank is usually the best solution. For a large company, there is a special picnic area in all big parks which you sometimes have to reserve in advance. You should do your search at least a week before the picnic so you are guaranteed to find the best possible place.

The second question is how to get there. The way to the picnic should be easy and pleasant or it could spoil the whole day. If you drive, fill your gas tank the day before you leave, use the GPS while driving and try to avoid backed up traffic. If you use public transportation, study the schedules carefully and check for any unexpected change just before you leave.

Think about the activities you want to have on a picnic. Prepare everything you need to entertain yourself and the people you go with, whether it is a badminton set, soccer ball, a kite or other stuff.

The main aspect of any picnic is certainly food. It should be convenient to pack and carry, ready to eat, easy to serve, tasty, and enough for everyone for the whole event. If you invite other people besides your family, you should have a variety of choices for each course of the meal and for snacks. For a company picnic, it is common that each person contributes his/her own food or money for buying it.

The particular food to take with you depends on your usual preferences. You may also consider having a themed picnic, Russian cuisine for instance. You may find everything you need – appetizers, ready-to-eat meats, seafood, cheese, snacks, cookies and drinks in the online supermarket A lot of products are sliced, conveniently packed and therefore just right for a picnic. Don’t forget plates, spoons, forks, glasses and paper napkins. Have a lot of fun!