Skin is the largest living organ on our body, but is often taken for granted. Nearly 20% of our body weight, the skin guards and protects our most vital organs, while constantly changing and regenerating. We may not notice it, but skin renews itself about every 32 days. And who knew that most of us shed anywhere from 11,000 to 23,000 cells per hour?!

As Summer turns to Fall, we look to nature for organic solutions to keep our skin looking and feeling luxurious.

Exfoliate and Purify

Buffing away dead summer skin is a MUST. We all know that flaky skin can clog pores and lead to those pesky breakouts, so take the time to scrub yourself from head to toe before you begin a new moisturizing routine. If you have a few extra minutes to pamper yourself, create an instant sauna experience by letting your shower fill up with steam before you scrub. The extra moisture will help your skin relax and prepare for a deep cleanse.

TIP: Mix raw sugar with your favorite oil (jojoba, coconut, olive). This is safe for both face and body and won’t cost you a fortune!

Switch from Lotions to Creams

Gels and lotions give way to moisturizing creams in the Fall. As the air outside cools and dries, our skin requires more moisture to keep from looking dry and wrinkly. Face creams generally work better than lotions for most skin types at this time of year. The thicker consistency of the creams seals in moisture and help keep skin hydrated. We like to also create hydrating masks from natural ingredients to incorporate into the new skincare routine.

TIP: Combine honey with avocado and a bit of milk for an instant moisture boost and nourishment for your skin.

Bring on the Body Butter

Oils were perfect for keeping your skin soft and sensual during the summer. But with Fall, deeper hydration is required all over the body. Body butter is a softening moisturizer that’s heavier than creams and much more effective at repairing rough and damaged skin. Body butters are what give your skin that silky and luxurious feel. Try using at night to let your skin absorb maximum moisture while you sleep. We love Daurian Body Butter by Natura Siberica, and organic certified African Black Body Butter by Planeta Organica.

TIP: For simple home-made body butter recipes, check out Rawmazing and Donshell Covington’s diy body butter and lotions.