Roast in a clay pot traditional Russian dish, although in different cultures use this method of cooking beef, lamb, pork and poultry.
Fries – tasty meat dish with potatoes and vegetables cooked in a pot or ceramic form with a lid.
There are the classic ingredients for cooking, such as meat, potatoes; but more can put additional ingredients such as mushrooms, fried vegetables or fruit.
Today we prepare hot classic version with a lot of meat, potatoes and vegetables.
While the roast is preparing for a long time, special efforts for the preparation is not attached, an additional “culinary training” is required. It’s all about magic clay pots, in the exact calculation of the time for meals, fancy mistress. The use of spices flight culinary thought to be stopped – we cook Russian dish. Overseas herbs and miraculous “powder” are inappropriate.
Pots are languishing in the oven for about two hours and a half, sometimes three at a low temperature. Of course, you can quickly “roast” roast at a high temperature for forty minutes … but what’s the point?

Roast in a Crimean Way is a traditional dish of Slavic people. Meat, in a crockery or cast-iron pot, baked in the oven with favorite vegetables, will agitate your senses.

Ingredients for preparing Roast in a Crimean Way:

Here is the portion for one pot.

  • 150 g lamb.
  • 50 g apple.
  • 20 g onion.
  • 10 g tomato paste.
  • 20 g butter.
  • 200 g potato.
  • 20 g raisins.
  • 5 g flour.
  • 100 g sour cream.
  • 30 g red wine.


  • 100 g flour.
  • 1 ea egg.
  • 30 g water.


  • Slice lamb and braise on high heat.
  • Make sauce from sour cream and flour and pour over lamb, stew for 10 minutes.
  • Slice an apple finely and put on the bottom of the pot, top with potato slices, chopped onion and pour over sauce with lamb.
  • Then add well washes raisins, wine and cover the top with the dough round.
  • Make dough from flour, egg and water and roll out a round.
  • Bake in the well-heated oven for 30-40 minutes.
  • Serve in pots.