With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, it’s vitally needed to keep humor and love in our lives. We won’t promise you love, but humor – definitely! Today’s post is dedicated to a new study that was released from Israel about the dangers of showers!

It turns out that cleaning yourself (whether taking a shower or bath) more often than 2 times per week harms your body more than gives benefit. Taking frequent showers will disturb the PH balance of your skin, dry it out and will eventually lead to its aging. Additionally, if you take more than 2 showers per week, you run a risk of destroying your body’s natural defense system – a thin oil layer that protects us from bacteria and fungi. You should especially stay away from liquid shower gels as they contain concentrated active ingredients and don’t wash off.

Research about the harm of frequent showers was done before by American and Scandinavian scientists, and all of them have proven that your body is more susceptible to disease, allergies and skin conditions if you clean yourself too often. Apparently, the less showers you take, the better it is for your immune system, as it stays alert and doesn’t get too lazy fighting off bacteria.

As it turns out, many people in developed countries have such health problems as asthma, allergies, some types of auto immune illnesses and even type I diabetes and a big reason for this is the fact that they are ‘obsessed’ with cleanliness. Those who live in developing countries, where people don’t have the luxury of taking 2 showers per day, do not seem to have similar health problems.

So, next time you get into your shower, think whether you really need it, or if it’s more of a habit. Since we were little, our parents told us that we need to stay clean and that cleanliness will lead to health. Apparently, they were wrong! But if you decide not to follow the advice of Israeli, American and Scandinavian researchers and continue with your hygiene regimen, make sure to use only organic, non-liquid soaps. Russian Shoppe has a great selection of Natura Siberica and other soaps that are great for your skin and support its natural PH balance.