Have your ever hurt yourself in such a way that you know for a fact – there will be a bruise! And of course, it always appears on a part of your body that will be exposed in a day or two due to an event (in case of a woman), or just because you need to go to work and there is this blue, green and purple something developing like a Polaroid picture under your eye (in case of a gentleman). Legs, arms, or face, bruises never appear in places that no one will see – that’s just their property, to spoil our day to day lives. If you are a lady, a great outfit can be completely worthless if you have a 2 centimeter in diameter bash on your knee, and no one will believe that you walked into a door in the middle of the night if there is a nice, juicy shiner under your left eye.

We can try and avoid situations that are prone to injuries, but if you have already hurt yourself in one way or another, it turns out that there are several ways you can minimize the appearance of bruises. First of all, put some ice on the bruised area right away. If you have the luxury of being iced for about an hour and a half – do it – it is the best solution for bruising. Make sure to give yourself a break and take ice away from the needed body part for several minutes – you don’t want to develop hypothermia.
Since things in life mostly happen in such a way that you can’t prevent something, you just have to deal with it, the bruise will definitely appear and you will need to do something to help it along the disappearing process. We will tell you several ways of minimizing the length that you will be bruised and the intensity of colors/texture changes, and maybe, next time you will be able to still wear that dress.

First of all, you should know that heat helps to dissolve hematomas, so use hot packs if the bruise has already appeared. Second, draw an iodine grid several times per day, it will minimize the discoloration (of course, you’ll have to live with the yellow of iodine). Pineapple, potato, banana, and garlic are all rich in anticoagulation enzymes, and putting a piece of either of these on the damaged area for just half an hour per day will get you on your way to beautiful, bruise free skin. Since there are several options, you may want to consider using something that won’t repel people from you as well.

Essential oils are also good for this purpose – lavender oil is great for fresh bruises, while rosemary can help along an old one. Another great remedy is Bodyaga – which is a powder of Spongillidae and is known as one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted bruises. Boxers and fighters use Bodyaga all the time, because if they didn’t, they would definitely become a part of a separate, blue/green/purple, race.

There are several other ways to keep your skin the color it should be, but we have listed the most effective. And though we hope that you don’t hurt yourself often, Russian Shoppe offers oils, Bodyaga, iodine and even some of the necessary fruits and vegetables, so you never have to put concealer on a bruise and pretend that that has worked.