Winter has finally arrived and some of the day’s, especially mornings, can be so cold. You probably are trying to do everything to keep yourself warm and stay comfortable. Most people don’t realize how much heat escapes off the top of the head. You can have all the warmest clothes in the world and still be cold if, you can’t keep the heat from rapidly leaving your body via the head.
For many men and women, this becomes quite a dilemma. You know that you need to wear a hat, but the one you own doesn’t do the job and might also be an ugly hat. What do you do?

It’s important that you find a hat that will keep you toasty warm as well as one that you want to wear. Let’s face it, the warmest hat in the world will be no good if you’re embarrassed to wear it.
That’s why it’s time for you to buy a ushanka. The ushanka has been a Russian clothing icon for many centuries. It’s definitely one of the warmest hats in the world. Russia is famous for extremely cold winter’s and this hat has definitely kept people warm that wear them.
At Russian Food USA, we carry a variety of these hats. These are made with top quality materials using genuine rabbit fur and all include the famous ear covers or flaps. Being both functional as well as a beautifully made, most people love to wear them everywhere they go.

In fact, over the years, the ushanka has become a fashion statement for women. Designers have for many years included these Fur hats with their outfits. If you’re a woman, you will stay warm on the coldest nights and remain among the world’s most fashionable ladies.
History is rich with those who have stayed warm in the coldest winters wearing this hat. The hat has been part of the military and police uniforms for many centuries up to today. In fact, this has become a fashion statement among women and since the 11th century, this Russian hat has been a main piece of clothing for every man’s wardrobe for poor or rich.
In summary, in modern times the ushanka is still one of the warmest hats that you can wear and it’s also looked upon as fashionable as well. Look good and stay warm this winter by purchasing one of these fabulous hats to include in your wardrobe.